Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

A day trip from Las Vegas is more than enough to explore the most visited area of the Grand Canyon. I would like to share my photos and video from my Grand Canyon Western Rim trip in June, 2017.

The first two things I did was a helicopter tour and boat ride. We took the helicopter into the the Grand Canyon, followed by a boat ride down the river, and finally, return via helicopter. We were greeted by a Native American after reaching the bottom of the Grand Canyon, which was pretty cool. I personally think helicopter and boat tours are worth the price, if you don’t have the time. Check out the video.

Next thing we did was the Skywalk and then a hike to Guano Point. Note that we are not allowed to take cameras during the Skywalk. Make sure to explore Native American sites around the area.


Author: Chanaka Keerthisinghe

Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, Photography, Mountaineering, Hiking

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